Rights and Responsibilities

8 Feb

My late grandfather was a great politician during the World Wars in Tanah Melayu. He was a great leader even during his school days in Malay College Kuala Kangsar. His charisma & leadership talent was passed down to all his sons, who also went to MCKK and some of my cousin brothers, where one is actively involved in politics until today. I have seen the goods and the bads of politics in the family, community and the nation. Regardless, I’m still proud of what they have achieved and thank them for the encouragement they have given me when I was young. I took up a few leadership roles in school and even went to school with some of our great leaders and politicians today. Somehow I decided to stay away from politics when I entered University. Like what Peter Paker said “Great power comes with great responsibilities”.

Fight for Women to vote

Fight for Women to vote

When I was a child, my family members labeled me as ‘busybody’ due to my inquisitiveness. That was the time I get to listen to ‘fighting for rights’ like rights for the girls to go to school and ‘struggle for independence’ stories from the elders. All my grandmothers were the privileged few to be able to attend schools during the 1930s and 1940s. I like history. It makes us more appreciative of what we have today. I try to read more too but it is always not good enough. Only stupids make mistakes repetitively. The general election is coming soon and I have something to say to those who still feel that ignorance is bliss.

You are pretty darn lucky to be born after Malaysia has reached independence. The peace and the development that we are enjoying right now are from our grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ hardwork, regardless whether they are Malays or non-Malays. It might only take you some traveling to some of our neighboring countries to witness and experience how it feels like to live in fear, poverty and denied access to education and healthcare. When a citizen does not have much rights in anything, let alone to vote – that is pretty devastating isn’t it? We even have some Malaysians, under certain situation who are not allowed or be able to vote. So if you are eligible, please register and vote. You won’t feel the pain until your right is revoked.

It just makes me sad to hear and watch some Malaysians who refuse to register and feels that their one vote will not make much difference or worse, feels that all political parties are corrupted – non deserve to lead the government. My instant respond to that will be “then why not YOU lead? YOU make the change?”. These people are university graduates, who were given education scholarships, grants & assistance to start-up their businesses and sometimes wonder are they not grateful? If you do not know which one to vote, stop listening to people and start reading and do your own research. You would then know what is good and what is bad and whom you could entrust your hope with. Your voting right IS a big responsibility too as a citizen.

Cast your vote!

Cast your vote!

I’m beginning to notice this ungratefulness in my own children and many more children of today. Toys are destroyed within days of purchase and foods are wasted. Cool toys, delicious food, quality books, latest technology and perfect holidays are something expected and the ‘rights’ as children from ‘good’ parents. Some parents provided all these to compensate the time they lost from spending with their children. How many of them are taught to earn these goodies? We can start by asking them to do some simple house chores or even sell kuih or cookies to close friends and family members? I know a family where their children will organize a mini-concert at home where close friends and family members are required to buy concert tickets. The children will then play their organs, piano, guitar and violin. How cool and encouraging is that? Aufa has started selling his cookies and muffins to buy his toys but when it comes to spending his money, he’ll try to talk to us into using our money instead because “Aufa wants to save more money and buy a bigger house with swimming pool for us, Mama”.


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