Little Miss Ayfaa’s 1st Birthday Party

6 Sep

Puteri Ayfaa Eizdihar is One!

Ayfaa with Mr Happy Balloon greeting birthday party guests

Ipin and I reminded ourselves that we are not going to organize any birthday parties for our juniors this year since we went to Disneyland recently. Plus with our business running, time is a luxury. So I had about less than 2 weeks to organize and send out invites when we decided that our little princess Ayfaa deserves to have her 1st birthday party.

Party food with Mr Men and Little Miss food-picks

It took me a couple of days to come out with a theme and as I was cleaning up the children’s toys and books, I thought that Mr Men and Little Miss theme will be pretty cute and educational for our little guests. After I googled for party decoration ideas, I quickly give Jiju’s Creativity a call for my customized party needs. Within less than a week, they agreed to supply rainbow-cake-in-a-jar, Mr Men and Little Miss Stickers for the guests, door gift boxes and food-picks. They turned out Fantabulous!

Dirt Cake by Constant Craving

Since we invited limited friends and family members, I thought that it’d be nice for me to personally cook for my special guests. I had about 10kg of New Zealand shoulder lamb ordered and delivered 2 days before party day. We marinated it and started BBQ it 24 hours before guests arrived and got our guests ‘high’ on lamb when they tasted my secret recipe. It was hilarious! Then we cooked Nasi Beryani, Ayam Beryani and Ayam Merah. I also prepared the family-secret-Australian-Apple-Acar. Thanks to our local Martha Stewart aka Kak Wa for teaching me . Love you loads! Have you heard that the yummilicious Murtabak Raja is now in KL? Yup, we bought several Murtabak daging and ayam from their shop in Wangsa Maju. Murtabak Raja originated from Kelantan. It is about an inch thick and dense with fillings. I’ve also made my favorite Apple Crumble in a cup. Not forgetting my famous blueberry muffin, all for munching over chitchats. What is good food without good drinks to complement? Guests were served with Robert Harris’ french pressed coffee, M&S Lemon, Ginger & Ginseng Tea AND M&S Raspberry & Vanilla Tea. The combination was simply divine.

Birthday Giant Ice-cream sundae

Thanks Selina for the carrot cake and Kuna of Constant Craving for her dirt cake. The kids got high on the marshmallow and love your eeky worm jellies.  Constant Craving offers the best Red Velvet cake/cupcake in the world and her Cheese Brownies is to die for, I kid you not! For the birthday cake, I made a giant Ice-cream sundae instead for the kids to go crazy. The idea was adopted from the Makan Dulang concept where the food is served on a big tray and a few people will share eating the food together. It was also a chance for the kids to not only taste the ice-cream but feel and play with it. Well, this is a party isn’t it? The giant ice-cream sundae was made from the famous Jiju’s-Cake-To-Share Chocolate brownie at the bottom, Neopolitan ice-cream (because some kids like choc flavor, vanilla flavor & strawberry flavor), a heap of swirling cream and of course, rainbow sprinkles!

Getting ready for water fun

The kids collecting their ammunition – water balloons!

That was not the only time for the guests to have a wild time. We got the car pool where Ayfaa was born into, inflated and filled with water. We had a smaller one inflated and filled with water too for the infants to play safely without getting crushed by the bigger kids. Of course we did not forget water balloon war! Thanks Ipin for preparing the water bombs.

And the water fun begins

What happened after they ran out of water balloons….

Different Mr Men books were sticked to the wall as wallpaper for photo booth session. Every family got to bring home a copy of Instant Picture from my Fuji Instax.

Chinese Take-out box door gifts with Mr Men and Little Miss Stickers

I love Polaroids when I was younger and still get excited over it until today. The happy look on our guest’s faces proved that instant photos still have that affect on everybody. Before they leave, each kid gets to peel 1 Mr Men book from the wall ranging from Mr Tickle, Mr Bump, Mr Strong to Mr Clumpsy to take home with them along with other sweet munchies we’ve packed for them in Chinese Take-out boxes. The talk about Mr Men characters started from the moment they joined the party where each guest was given a different Mr Men sticker to place on their clothes, until they leave the party with Mr Men books.

Mr Men books as photo booth background and door gift

Birthday Instant Photo Booth as momento

Thank you very much newly weds, Ezu & Nabil for taking the pictures. We missed the Ariffins family photo again but its OK. We really hoped that everyone had fun and learned something from Mr Men and Little Miss theme party. Ayfaa and Aufa are very lucky and grateful to have lovely family and friends in their lives.

Ezu and Nabil – our photographers for Ayfaa’s 1st Birthday Party


6 Responses to “Little Miss Ayfaa’s 1st Birthday Party”

  1. Lilian July 1, 2013 at 12:16 pm #

    Hi there! Am looking for door gifts ideas for my boy’s one year old bday and bumped into your lovely post! 🙂 love your daughter’s party and love the mr men idea. 😉 would like to know where did u get the mr men’s books from? Thanks!

    • kureen July 4, 2013 at 12:00 pm #

      Hi Lilian,
      I got the Mr Men books from MPH bookstore for about RM12 each BUT if you can wait for the Big Bad Wolf sale, you can get each book for about RM3-RM5 each. Sometimes you in Amcorp Mall has it at a bargain too 🙂 Good luck and enjoy planning for your son’s birthday!

  2. joanneho November 13, 2012 at 6:41 pm #

    Hi, just wanted to find out where you got the Chinese takeout boxes from? Am looking foursome quite urgently.

  3. ina September 20, 2012 at 3:56 pm #

    love the food, love the deco & super love the crowd!

    ina, adib & aryssa

    • kureen September 20, 2012 at 4:13 pm #

      And we love you too 😀

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