My Baby Sister got Hitched :)

10 Aug

Ezu & Nabil dining at the Duchess Place, KL during their wedding reception

The sisterhood bond. You would never understand it unless you are in it. I’m the 2nd child in the family with a 5-years-age gap elder sister and a 4-years-age gap younger sister. In short, my childhood was simply amazing and charged-up with girl-power! As many claimed a 2nd-child syndrome would be – I was the ‘man’ of my siblings and sometimes the house too. When it was time for my baby sister, Ezu to get married, I couldn’t help myself but to ensure that everything is well-organized months in advance. I had to take charge in some areas like going thru the checklist from time to time, driving Ezu around to get her wedding supplies and most of the time driving Ezu nuts too.

Puteri Ayfaa Eizdihar – the flower girl taking a break

One thing I could not imagine being in Ezu’s shoes was getting married without our dearest mummy around. My eldest sister, Kuna and I were very privileged to have mummy to organize the wedding with us, had our shopping and spa time together while discussing about our married life. Mum was there too to assist us during our pregnancy and as we stepped into motherhood ourselves. But not Ezu. Kuna and I were determined to walk Ezu through this amazing journey together as sisters. Ezu surprised us again as she grows up to become a beautiful lady, persevered in putting the invitation list together, meetings with caterers, trying out wedding dresses, choosing door gifts and not forgetting professional photographers and videographer to capture those priceless moments.

Ezu & Nabil walking down the aisle with flower girls and handsome boys

23 June was the date chosen for Ezu’s Akad Nikah to Nabil. I was lucky and excited to be able to join her fitting session and picking-up her wedding dresses from Mimpi Kita. They are absolutely gorgeous! There was also some door gift preparation process together with her old school mates. Boy, I miss chatting with those cool girls. Of course we did not miss pampering session such as the Nail Parlour for our Menicure & Pedicure. I have to say that they are reasonably charged with the services and quality of work that they delivered. We’ve surveyed a few places around Klang Valley and some are just extravagant. Honestly, I haven’t done Meni & Pedi since I ventured into Working-From-Home-Mum world. Spa is something that I can not live without. I can write a review on all the spas I’ve been to but will just leave that to next time. Ezu and I were supposed to check-out Nadalama Jamu Spa & Bar at Kampung Penchala but it was closed for renovation. Have you been to Nadalama? What do you think and which treatment would you recommend? We ended up with Sultan’s Daughter package in Hammam & Gomage Bath in Bangsar. We requested for the couple’s room and I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a place to pamper yourself with your mums, sisters and girlfriends. You would love the whole set-up, concept, bath and service. A totally different spa experience if you are used to Balinese Spa type. Honestly, it was my 3rd visit there and it has been my once a year must visit spa ;p

Aufa & Arif in baju melayu with songkok and sampin

Once we were all made up, it was time to fill-up the tummy. It was my last meal with Ezu before she becomes someone’s wife. Canoodling Restaurant was the place to be. I love their Soft-shell crab somtam and Phad Thai was totally outstanding! Another yummilicious Restaurant by that Cool Dude who started Delicious. Then he sold it to E&O Group before starting his BIG Group who is responsible for revolutionizing Klang Valley dwellers’ taste buds by opening up Canoodling, Ben’s Restaurant, plan B, T-Fourty-Two Cafe and of course the BIG Grocer. Super Genius! Well, at the end of the day, I was really feeling like the old bride has been revived ;p hey, can I blame them for mistaken me as the bride instead?

Akad Nikah Ezu & Nabil

Akad Nikah was held in the morning at Kuna’s place in Alam Sari. It was nice and cozy and Ezu had platinum blue with white pearls as her theme. The bridesmaids were gorgeous and we had the best Kelantanese food after the ceremony. Special event like this will not look as glamorous if it was not for the professional make-up artist. There are not many in Malaysia and therefore we had to book Ezral Nordin (+6012 6928084) at least 6 months in advance. He did Ezu’s make-up for both events (solemnization and wedding reception) and of course, yours truly 😀

My macho man with little miss at the Duchess Place KL

Since Ezu is my last sibling to get married, I was thinking why not splurge a bit on the wedding reception Baju Kurung. The last time I spent on my Baju Kurung was during my wedding and subsequent Aidilfitri was either recycled or sponsored by my late mum. Therefore I had to bring in the talented fashion designer, Shahir Wan (+6017 6066476). We actually had a session of underwater fashion a few months back featuring his exquisite wedding dress collection. Do wait for my future post on this. I was so impressed by Shahir Wan’s work and talent and decided to wear his creation.

Kuna and Schasya with Ayfaa and Me

I have to admit that he has fine taste and excellent workmanship on the patch and beadings especially. It was not only that, Shahir Wan serenaded us at the Pink, Turquoise and Peach Wedding held at the Duchess Place, Jalan Ampang, KL. Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly as planned. It was also the best indoor garden wedding I’ve ever attended, surrounded by loving family and friends over tasty meal. Thank you to Sari, Bob & Rikman from Saffandi Photo for all the wonderful photos. Best wishes to Ezu & Nabil.

Akad Nikah Kiss

Next stop for them is Honeymoon and getting a place to stay. Have you guys read my tips on buying a HOME?

the Tengku Nasrudins


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