10 things to pack in your SLR set for ‘light’ travel

25 Apr

London Eye - Ferris Wheel

Traveling light has always been my philosophy ever since I get to pack my own stuff and carry my own bags. I have never been a fashionista (hence my sense of dressing) so I really don’t mind wearing the same clothes and wash them for at least 2 cycles for a 1-week trip. I rather pack more food than any other stuff for my traveling trips as after consuming them, I’d have some space for my souvenirs. Furthermore, I’d rather use my time visiting places of interest than busy looking for Halal restaurants.

Fountain and Tower Bridge London

Of course my philosophy needs some flexibility when I got married and start having kids. Traveling light gets more challenging. Besides the children’s essentials, I have to remind my photography-perfectionist husband to limit his photography set. This scenario is almost non-existence in his career mind but somehow or rather he managed to pull it off all the time.

By the Tower Bridge London

I always wonder what he packs inside his Camera Bags which weigh tones where he simply could not reduce any. This year, Ariffin Aris Visualswas fortunate to celebrate Q1 in London and Hong Kong. Wait for Q2 for all his new and amazing underwater collection. Among all those work necessities, Ipin managed to squeezed his personal agenda into trip schedule. Below is 10 things he could not leave without.

Camera Equipment in Ipin's Camera backpack

  1. Nikon D3
  2. Nikon 17-35mm lens
  3. Nikon 50mm lens
  4. Remote trigger (Pocket Wizard)
  5. Manfrotto 055 Pro-B tripod
  6. Nikon SB–800 and SB-900 flash
  7. ThinkTank Airport Antidote Camera Bagpack
  8. Multiple SanDisk CF card (8GB/4GB)
  9. Manfrotto Pano head
  10. Nikon SC17 cable for flash

All those easily weigh at least 10kg and can you imagine how much balance left to carry ‘other stuff’? Nevertheless, at the end of the day he is satisfied with his exploration and achievement from every trip and I’m very happy to share them with you. Read more about how to HDR your photos here.

Victoria and Albert Museum, England - Entrance in Panorama

Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong - sunset panorama

There you go, if you are a photographer and planning to travel light, you have guideline above to reason out to your partner. (Somebody get us a Leica set please).


3 Responses to “10 things to pack in your SLR set for ‘light’ travel”

  1. vedd April 27, 2012 at 12:18 am #

    soon you can add Promote Systems into that list 😀

  2. assyaishak April 26, 2012 at 8:58 am #

    my fav is the sunset panorama. perfect! totally worth the extra load 😀


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