Hot Daddies in Baby Carriers

18 Apr

New daddies this century are totally different from our parents’ era. They are more attached to their kids and hands-on when it comes to handling their kids’ needs. 7 out of 10 new daddies that I know actually bathe their kids everyday, change their diapers, prepare milk for them and some even make a point to put the kids to sleep themselves. Even though those are not even close to a quarter of errands a mom has to do every day (especially those without domestic helpers), at least these daddies tried and 3 cheers for them! Hiphip hooray – Hiphip hooray – Hiphip hooray!

I have to make a confession. It warms my heart every time I see any of these hot daddies in action. I feel like the luckiest woman to marry one too. A man carrying his woman’s handbag over his shoulder gets a smirk from me but a dad carrying a child in a baby carrier around the shopping mall earns a salute from me. It reminds me during the time I was pregnant with my 1stbaby. My hubby and I were planning to buy some of baby essentials. He reminded me not to get too hippie design baby bag and do get baby carrier that matches his eye color (ok, I’m just exaggerating). Lucky for us, our closest friends bought black baby bag from Australia and another got us navy blue ring sling. How often do you bump into a man carrying his baby in a wrap or a sling? Well my hubby did use the ring sling after trying hard to understand the instructions in YouTube and practicing at home. I was not too sure whether if it was for the sake of easing the burden off me or for the love of his first-born? Nevertheless, I love him for it anyway.

My favorite men in Boba Carrier during our recent trip to Hong Kong.

Then we got another baby gift from a friend for our 2nd baby and this time was a Boba Carrier! It was not like any other baby carrier because I personally think it makes my hubby looks hotter in it! Besides, the carrier is so easy and quick to use, comfortable for the baby and the wearer as well as practical. I have to highlight here why I think Boba is practical and value-for-money for the benefit of many parents who are as calculative on the ROI as me. Money has never come easy for me since Day 1 and I have to ensure that each and everything that I spend on is really worth the price tag.

Ayfaa’s look of approval to be carried in Boba Wrap while his brother is on Boba Carrier in Hong Kong

Adjusting Boba Carrier Size from Toddler’s to Infant’s

Currently I have a 3.5 year old son and a 9 month old daughter. I move around a lot with my kids as a working-from-home mother as I try to ‘home-school’ them. I am blessed to have family and friends who shower us with lovely gifts every now and then. We now have a Boba Wrap AND a Boba Carrier, which elevated our traveling experience. In a nutshell, Boba Wrap is very comfortable as the baby is gently attached to the wearer’s body (the body heat and sound of the heartbeat make it more cozy for the baby) and the baby’s weight is well distributed. I find wearing it is as comfortable as when I was pregnant. Read more about my Boba wrap review here.

Handbag strap on Boba Carrier to secure your handbag on both sides

Boba carrier can be used on my daughter AND my son! My hubby and I walk a lot and we try to bring the kids as often as we can. Sometimes my son gets tired and needs his Babah to carry him on his back. Boba carrier helps to secure my son. The best part is it is easily adjustable from baby’s ‘configuration’ to a toddler’s in a matter of seconds! If you have experienced the complexity of putting on a baby carrier, adjusting it between your settings and your wife’s/husband’s settings, putting the baby in it and securing it and to make matter worse, you have to do all that within 1 minute because you are all alone and your toddler needs to go to the toilet badly – then you would definitely appreciate what Boba carrier has to offer. As my scuba diving buddy Azri (who happens to be one of those Hot Dadddies too) said, putting the Boba carrier on is as easy as putting on your BCD. If you have more than 1 child who are less than 4 years old, Boba carrier is a must-have.

Rubber band on every strap ends

I’ve also noticed and appreciate some additional attachment and features a Boba carrier has to offer like the leg strap, hoodie, little compartment to store handphone and keys, and handbag strap. I’ll let you to explore it yourself and repeat “wow, that’s cool” many times like I did. Another feature that is worth mentioning here is the rubber band at every end of the straps. Therefore you can actually roll the extra straps up and secure it with the rubber band. No more dangling excess straps.

Before I started writing this post, I made a quick survey on my hot daddy friends on what they think of baby carriers. 90% of them prefer baby carrier (and own at least 1 baby carrier) to baby wraps as they are easier to put on. A good 60% of them bought the famous baby carrier brand in Malaysia, 10% a mixture of brands and another 30% of them (who are currently staying outside Malaysia or was educated overseas) own carriers like Ergo and Belle organics. Other than the common features that parents seek in a baby carrier, I like Hanson’s and Kevin’s comments where it was also important for the baby carrier to have a clear instruction booklet including videos on YouTube, warranty, baby safety compliance, washable and good testimony from other parents alike. Thank you for your feedback daddies and you guys ROCK!

For those of you who are reluctant or find it a hassle to travel or go on a holiday with your young children (without other adults to assist, mind you), click here for my tips on Traveling with young children to Hong Kong -Disneyland. Share AND Like this post with others AND share with me your Hot Daddy with Baby Carrier experience in the comment box below – AND win yourself a Boba Carrier thanks to Aboo Family! I would love to read all of them.

Finally, those who have Hot Daddy as hubby say I! – I!!!


6 Responses to “Hot Daddies in Baby Carriers”

  1. Fazirah Abd April 20, 2012 at 8:12 pm #

    I !!
    I am a newbie in parenthood land and going to celebrate the 6th monthiversary of our journey in couple of days. Husband and I have agreed that wearing our baby through this period was the most meaningful decision we made to appreciate closeness, intimacy between baby and us. We bought our first carrier when our boy turned 1month old, and since then that burgundy Moby wrap has become our “lifesaver”. Being a father, I can see his excitment and dedication in practicing the tie & hold- with the long trail and twists- without giving up. He mastered within a few days! His job nature requires him to travel a lot, but when he is not, he took the effort to wrap carry ds- asleep or awake- even in the house, while watching TV or replying emails. When baby have gas, difficulty sleeping, fussy, quickly he grabbed the carrier. It helps baby (and definitely me) a lot!

    One day at a shopping mall, I saw a young couple with their baby in a stroller. I whispered to my husband: “This why I love when you wrap carry our baby, because I can always hold your hand, like this :-)” We are now in the middle of upgrading the carrier, and it can’t be any nicer if we could win this awesome Boba carrier!


    • kureen April 25, 2012 at 2:38 pm #

      I can feel the magnitude of love in your family, Fazirah. You are sure one lucky woman there 🙂

  2. assyaishak April 20, 2012 at 2:35 pm #

    no story from me about baby carriers. whenever the husband needs to carry the baby/toddler, he just carries them all the way without a baby carrier or the sling. if he’s out with the boy, just the two of them; he hates the hassle of the stroller so he will end up with carrying the very heavy boy and getting body aches.

    other than that, just like you, since we found out we were pregnant with #2, the husband doesn’t allow me to carry #1; so that’s BLISS! 😀

    men are god-sent for heavy lifting 😀

    • kureen April 25, 2012 at 2:35 pm #

      I so agree with you, Assya 🙂


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