Ariffin Aris Visuals now accepts Dinar for payment

1 Feb


Ariffin Aris Visuals now accepts Dinar and Dirham

Ariffin Aris Visualsis the 1st professional photography service provider in Malaysia to accept Dinar as method of payment. For those of you who are interested to engage AAV for half-day session such as Engagement (bertunang) ceremony or family portrait, you can either pay RM2000 or 2 Dinars per session.

Abdul Rashid's 7 daughters

Ezu's Engagement Portrait

Eddy & BR Pre-Wedding Portrait

Ulysse Nardin President

Yasmin & Faz Pre-Wedding Portrait

Newborn Portrait Ayfaa

Full-day session starts at RM4000 or 4 Dinars for Akad Nikah ceremony or Wedding Reception.

Some tips, if you are planning to get married or have a family portraiture session with Ariffin Aris Visuals some time 6 months or even 12 months down the road, you may purchase your Dinars today. AAV promise that it will not increase price and fix at 2 Dinars for half day session. It will still be the same price for your brother or sister in 5 years time or even when your kids get married in 25 years time. Our ringgit rate will be pegged against Dinar and will always be a few hundred ringgit higher to promote the Dinar transaction.

Didin & Faran wedding

Barang-barang merenjis

Wedding rings

Why are we doing this? There are many reasons and among them are :

1. We are trying to establish a fair rate for professional photographers as well as our clients who appreciates our talent and professional services we are extending to them.

2. As our ringgit rate is pegged against Dinar, it will create real value towards every services sold.

3. Dinar rate rises in tandem with the world economy and cost of living. By having Dinar as payment, Professional Photographers will actually have a sustainable career. It is very unfortunate for us to witness some of our professional photographers who are just making ends meet or worse, had to make a career switch. I can assure you that they are really talented photographers. Some are simply stuck in Price War where the lowest win but they are actually operating in red.

Wedding Dress details

Upacara Merenjis

Yasmin & Faz Akad Nikah with Bridesmaids

Yasmin & Faz wedding reception - getting ready

Yasmin & Faz walking down the aisle

All photos by Ariffin Aris.

Find out more about Dinar and Dirham from World Islamic Mint or Malaysia Bullion Trade. Alternatively, you can purchase your Dinar and Dirham here. Ariffin Aris Visuals will be at the Souq this Saturday to auction one of his HDR on Canvas starting from 1 Dirham only. All proceeds will go to Rumah Aman, Shah Alam. Do join in the fun and learn more about Dinar Dirham from financial experts who will be there as well.

Souq Muamalah Madinah - 4 Feb 2012 - Sek. 2, Shah Alam

Something to ponder…..1433 years ago, the price of a live chicken is 1 Dirham and TODAY the price of a live chicken is still 1 Dirham. Fair?


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