Ariffin Aris is on TV

30 Dec

Bernama TV Hello Malaysia -Malaysia Marine Conservation Panelists (L-R: Khairul Ariffin, Jamhariah Jaafar and Ahmat)

It has been quite a while for me since I last entered or visited a TV station. I performed a lot in Choir during the 90s and my recent visit to Bernama TV gave me that exciting feeling all over again. However this time I won’t be featured but it was Ariffin Aris’ 1st TV interview on Bernama TV’s Hello Malaysia. Hello Malaysia is a daily talk show air on Astro Channel 502 (news Channel). This episode was hosted by Encik Nazam featuring Puan Jamhariah Jaafar- the President of Coral Malaysia, Encik Ahmat – the owner of Scubatex (Scuba-diving equipment distributor), who is also an Scuba Diving International Course Director and Encik Khairul Ariffin bin Mohd Aris – Professional Underwater Photographer. The topic was on Malaysia Marine Conservation for the future generation from 3 different views.

Ariffin Aris at Bernama TV Hello Malaysia studio set

As the show starts at 10pm, we had early dinner and were at Bernama TV station by 7.30pm. We were briefed by the host on the flow of the topic before the panelists were taken for make-up/touch-up. One thing we were reminded by the TV people is not to wear anything white on set as it will not make you look good on TV. The TV people were very nice and friendly as I was expecting them to be stress out to be working at night. Another thing that impressed me was how the team work together and have respect for each other. Even though it was a Live Show, they were very calm both in control room and studio set. I guess that they have done this many times, it has become second to nature for them on which from those many switches to press at certain time. My last duty was to check that Ariffin Aris was well presented with correct name spelling and company, which appeared on TV screen. I was very proud too when all Ariffin Aris Visuals Malaysia underwater footage was played throughout the 1 hour TV show. Have you seen our underwater footage?

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Bernama TV Control Room


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