1st Executive Certificate and Diploma in Photography and New Media is launched in Malaysia

27 Dec

The Launch of Executive Certificate and Diploma in Professional Photography and New Media by International Islamic University Malaysia with Canon Malaysia

Photography has become the latest craze. Almost everybody that I know owns a camera and love clicking away. We click and we share. I know quite a number of friends who moonlight to take photos. When these professional photographers meet, it was as if they were talking in another language or in codes! Unbelievable and I still don’t bother to decipher.

Line of trainers with Canon Malaysia Marketing Manager at Program Launch

Good news to those of you photography enthusiasts, International Islamic University Malaysia has finally launched Malaysia’s first comprehensive executive certificate and diploma in Professional Photography and New Media. It is in collaboration with Canon as its digital partner. It was launched recently at DCIM 2011 at Mid Valley Convention Centre on 23 December 2011. All the trainers gave a presentation on course module preview over the weekend. The Executive Certificate duration is 6 months while Executive Diploma is 18 months. The classes will be held on weekends. I personally feel that this course is so exciting as the trainers will be subject-matter-experts themselves. They are the famous and reputable professional photographers like Din Arshad, Bustamam Mokhtar, Ariffin Aris, Mat Jepp and Shamshahrin Shamsuddin. Besides than learning the fundamentals of photography, I would be looking forward to sit in for Mat Jepp’s classes on HDSLR (making video using your SLR), Omar Osman on Visual Communication, Life As a Photojournalist by Shamshahrin Shamsuddin and Zainal Abdul Halim (ex-Reuters photographers) and also Ariffin Aris on Underwater Photography (and video).

Executive Certificate/Diploma Professional Photography & New Media Trainers

Some FAQs I overheard were:

1. Is the program open to muslims only? – NO. Open to all race and religion.

2. Do you have to learn Arabic in this program like most of other courses offered by IIUM? – NO.

3. Do you have to be an IIUM student to join this program? – NO, this is an open program. Open to all and you are not an IIUM student when you sign-up for this program.

4. What is the basic requirement or qualification to join this program? As long as you can understand English as the medium of teaching and has loads of passion for photography πŸ™‚

5. I am afraid of the water and cannot swim. How am I going to sit in for Underwater Photography module? – As the module is part of the program, you may want to learn the fundamentals and principles of Underwater Photography 1st. Each student will be going thru scuba-diving certification before taking photos underwater. After that you may choose to either just stick to land photography or delve into the underwater world. Each successful student will be a certified scuba-diver at the end of the program. Isn’t it exciting?!



2 Responses to “1st Executive Certificate and Diploma in Photography and New Media is launched in Malaysia”

  1. fei December 27, 2011 at 9:54 pm #

    mcm best je

    • kureen December 28, 2011 at 11:23 am #

      Agak jugaklah, Fei. Who do you have in mind who’d be interested besides Zairi? hehehe

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