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22 Nov

Modern Publika Playground

For the past couple of weeks, I have been working a lot around Dutamas area and so happy that they have opened the latest mall in town, PUBLIKA. I immediately fell in love with all their artistic value, concept and shops there too. My 1st trip there was a quick stroll and found this playground by accident as I was looking for the mall entrance from the parking lot. One thing Publika has to improve is their signage system or was I just being a bimbo every time I go there? Leave me your comment at the end of this post. Anyway, I was so excited already and I just had to bring my family here the following weekend. Below is how the playground looks like with the kids exploring it.

Arif on Publika Seesaw

Publika Monkey-bar

Aydin on cool Publika Playground design

Since Publika is still new, many shops are not open yet. Some shops which are open already offer good bargain like Artis Kids Store. They offer free trial classes on weekends. My favorite has got to be their baking class for kids. The kids simply enjoyed themselves there and I love their little apron and chef hat.

Decorating Cookies Session at Artis For Kids

Aufa enjoying his cookie after decorating it

Aufa and Arif showing-off their artwork

My next favorite store there is Ben’s Independent Grocery or BIG. I just went crazy there with all the variety. You have to go there and experience yourself to understand what I mean. If you like Jaya Grocer, you would love BIG more. If you have been to BIG in Bangsar Shopping Village, this one in Publika is 5 times bigger! I used to indulge myself with Crabtree&Evelyn cookies every now and then but now I have found almost the same taste here at BIG at half the price! I’m so happy and I would recommend you with their Toffee cookies for a start. Unfortunately their bakery is nothing to shout about. BIG’s chocolate corner is yet to open but I’m just being hopeful that it will be as good as Chocolate Corner in Harrods, London. It will be so choco-ly sinful. Besides that, BIG is strategically located next to parking lot where patrons can have easy access and park their cars. They have dedicated lots for drop-off & pick-ups – 5 minutes only, Shop & Dash lots for 15 minutes only and Mommies & Kids lots, which are very near to supermarket entrance. Two thumbs up BIG!

Wondermilk Cafe

If you are looking for a place to chill or virtual office for people like me, you can never go wrong with Wondermilk Cafe. They started in Damansara outlet selling really pretty cupcakes at absolutely premium price and extended their wing with another branch in Citta Mall before Publika. Sometimes I feel like in a spell whenever people mention the word Cupcakes and Wondermilk. I just had to have their box of 6 cupcakes at RM25 or I will be a cranky person the whole day. Favourite flavors? Chocolate Strawberry, Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Blueberry, Triple Chocolate and oh, did I mention Chocolate Strawberry? I am a chocoholic! Being in Wondermilk Cafe environment with all the creative decos (besides yummilicious cupcakes) is really inspiring. Now I wish that all these stores give me some discounts for blogging good stuff about them.

Ipin drinking from his Nikon Lens Cup

Finally a lifestyle store you have to visit is Kaleidoscope. I did not take any picture of the store because I know my camera and photography skills will not do any justice to their creative store. One thing for sure is this store has added many more items in my wish-list, especially for Xmas. I think I spent more money here than BIG, ouch! They sell items from one of my favorite online store Soak Republic, like this Nikon Lens Cup I got for my boss on his birthday. Kaleidoscope offers home made soap & candle making classes too. I simply love their natural soap & scrub range by Bisou Bonbon. How cute is that? They not only use all natural stuff that smell good, the stuff works too. Splendid! Lastly, I could not leave the store without taking this sign with me. Simply perfect and it has been my new philosophy since – Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often. Hence I placed this sign at home.

"Live well, love much, laugh often" Sign


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