Aufa is 3!

8 Nov

During cukur jambul & marhaban Ayfaa

I love birthday parties. I love it more when I find things which are out of ordinary and those little things are enough to make me happy. I have this thing for balloons, helium balloons especially and I wouldn’t call it a birthday party without them. There was once during my March best friends birthday party where I transported a whole bunch of helium balloons all by myself in my cute little car and we all had helium voice singing competition at the party. It was sooo hilarious and in case you haven’t tried, do it!

Aufa's Toy Story Birthday Cake

It was a perfect timing to get our friends and family over to our little crib. This year hubby turned 33 years-old, I’m 30, Aufa just turned 3 and Ayfaa slightly more than 3 months-old. So we decided to have Aqiqah for Ayfaa including Marhaban, doa selamat for my late mum and a little party for Aufa. Since it was an impromptu decision and we were busy with projects ourselves, we had less than 2 weeks for preparation and invitation. Regardless, we still had fun with the preparation especially aqiqah part. We were blessed to have the Ustaz Ahmad who taught me to mengaji Al-Quran since I was 8 years-old to assist in sourcing for kambing and help to slaughter it for us. It was done 3 days before the kenduri. All 4 of us went to Klang but only hubby witnessed the slaughtering process. We then brought it to the caterer for them to prepare a dish for our party.

Aufa with his birthday cake

Aufa was very much involved in his birthday party decoration and preparation this time. It was his 1st theme party – Toy Story 🙂 We thought that it’d be great to have a Toy Story birthday cake from the same bunch of guys who did our wedding cake 5 years ago – Choffles. I think that they are bunch of talented guys and the character they came out with on the cakes are so adorable. Our wedding cake was hubby as Surfer Dude and I was in Scuba-diving gears. We love it so much and the cake taste good too. It was no ordinary pretty butter cake but really moist chocolate cake. Aufa was jumping up and down and smiling from ear to ear when we collected the cake. Towards the end of the party, the kids simply couldn’t resist to play with Woody and Buzz (and slaughter their heads too! eek! kids…)

Ayfaa's door gift by Jiju' Cake To Share

Ayfaa’s aqiqah door gift was a box of kurma nicely wrapped in sweets style. The sleeve design was very pretty. Meanwhile, we have personalized popcorn bucket for Aufa’s party. The popcorn was crunchy and caramelicious while we all love the design too. All these were nicely done by my best friend Jiju. She initially started with brownie business and now grew into party favor business with her hubby, Aan. Her brownie is simply the best in town and I could finish the small box with hubby at one go while watching the movie! Jiju’s Cake To Share also supplies brownie as toppings to all Tutti Frutti outlets in Malaysia. Aan is just so talented and creative and together they make perfect team!

Crunchy & Caramelicious Popcorn Bucket by Jiju's Cake To Share

We also had our instant photo booth for our guests. My sister Ezu nicely put up Toy Story sky with puffy clouds as background. Even my 70-something-year-old relatives enjoyed themselves. Little excitement I love to share with my lovely guests. Ezu also helped in decorating. I still have the pink mini pompoms hang until today, which were hand made by Ezu too. It makes me happy looking at them everyday. This time I had 2 sets of balloon bouquet to compliment the rest of the deco. You can go crazy with the options they offer at Balloon Buzz! Nabil helped to capture our happy moments and my 4-month pregnant sister Kuna helped a lot in ensuring there were enough food for everybody.

Helium balloon bouquet from Balloon Buzz with mini pompoms by Ezu

I told Aufa that we may not have birthday party next year and perhaps celebrate his 4th and Ayfaa’s 1st birthday party in family holiday form instead but I’ve got so many party ideas running into my brain already. What is your best birthday party ever? What were the little things that got you excited? Do share with me please with a cherry on top?


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