Sasana Kijang

14 Oct

As a self-confessed hippie, I live by ‘Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is mystery and Today is a gift. That is why it is called present’. I can’t do much of Sales Forecasting in this field but I know we want to get loads of money out of every effort that we make. We do not know what kind of job we will land ourselves into next month or next year. Once thing for sure is we enjoy exploring our creativity and meeting people from all walks of life. From working on the oil platform, flying on helicopter down to sailing on luxury catamaran and shooting for sumptuous restaurant. Life is beautiful and it is always a bonus when we get the kids to join us at outstation jobs.

Aufa sailing the catamaran

For those of you who know me well, I’m atrocious when it comes to art. I am still producing the same quality of painting as when I was 5 years old. I kid you not. My drawings are still stickman base and the best I could do while sharing concept ideas with our clients are make them visualize from my story telling. I have to admit, while I was doing my degree in University, I had to get Ezu’s help in my assignment whenever it comes to graphics and stuff. I bet you can imagine by now how bad I am in arts.

However, I can appreciate beauty even though I’m sometimes known as Si Comot. I always have food stains on my clothes and something stuck in between my teeth. I get clumsy too when I get overly excited but learn to laugh it out as I grow older. That is how I dropped my dive watch into the sea after a dive.

Museum and Art Gallery block at Sasana Kijang

Anyways, what I am trying to say is that if one of these days, can be during weekends or holidays, when you are in Kuala Lumpur, do drop by at the latest gem in town, which is Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery at Sasana Kijang. It is owned by Bank Negara Malaysia and it is their latest architecture. Since it is very new, there is nothing much you can get from its official website. It is located at No.2 Jalan Dato’ Onn, very near to BNM HQ and its training centre Lanai Kijang. It is not officially open yet but already open to public. Open everyday from 10am – 6pm except New Year. The best part is everything is still fresh and new and admission is FREE. There is ample basement parking space at a small fee. Hence you still do not have the crowd and the exhibit gadgets are still in working condition. Once you are done, give yourself a treat at the Museum Cafeteria. We had waffle jaffle, cheese cake, cappuccino and maggo lassi all for RM10! Do let me know how do you find the place once you have paid your visit there.

Sasana Kijang Front Entrance

Ariffin Aris Visuals has been servicing Bank Negara Malaysia for about three years now. We have been visiting Sasana Kijang once a week for our job and only recently we had the opportunity to check out its Museum and Art Gallery. The staffs there are very friendly and kind, even though sometimes I feel a bit intimidated by some of Polis Bantuan on duty there. Firstly, I was mesmerized by their exterior architecture. We will share the final product by Ariffin Aris once the job is done. The museum will also explain more about Sasana Kijang design elements. Next, I fell in love with all their art collection especially the Khats and art pieces using Oil painting and Acrylics. Of course I came to the point where “If I have RM10k, I’ll buy this piece. Or maybe this one too. Or this one better?”. You have to check it out to know what I mean. The best has got to be the Numismatik section. It has all the ancient gold and silver money in Malaya. The revolution of Ringgit in coin and note form. There is also a small section of several other countries currency collection. Absolutely outstanding. I came out from there with new knowledge and appreciates art better. Now can anybody tell me why our Kijang has long tail?

Sasana Kijang by Ariffin Aris


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