The birth of Puteri Ayfaa Eizdihar

11 Oct

Aufa's Car Pool cum My Birthing Pool

This is my cute little pool. We (myself, hubby and son) are so in love with it. We play, swim and sleep in it. What’s the best next thing to do with our Car Pool? Welcome our new family member 🙂

It was a cool 14 of July morning in Putra Avenue as it was drizzling. I have been getting some contraction ‘previews’ since week 36 for me to practice my breathing techniques. Somehow I have a strong feeling that today will be THE day as the contractions were getting stronger and consistent. I was really excited as I didn’t get the chance to experience all this with my 1st pregnancy. Suddenly everything that I’ve been reading was actually happening.

Nabil aka Uncle Abil

I had my show at 11am and hubby had to deliver photos to our client and promised me that he’d be back in 2 hours time, thank God he did. Kuna arrived at 12 noon and Ezu around 1pm with her BF Nabil, who gets along really well with Aufa. In case you are wondering, Nabil was the man responsible to keep Aufa occupied and entertained watching the TV during my active labor. My contraction was 10 minutes apart then. Its time to fill up the pool everyone and let the party begin!

I didn’t have special affirmations for Hypnobirthing but I do have a lot of things which were special and those that make me happy around me to ensure that I was all relax. Hence it took me about 2 hrs only to dilate from 2cm – 10cm. I learnt this from this website and a few others too. My favorite things were:

Embracing the pain before active labor begins

1. My Doof beanbag (as you can see in this photo). It is also where I practice my relaxation cum meditation and yoga and some stretching. They have many other interesting colors too. Love it!

2. Hadda Zoobie (stuck in between me and beanbag in this photo). She is a doll and comfy 🙂 get yours too at Tiny Tapir.

3. Lavender Oil burner

4. Making sure that I look and feel pretty, I wore one of the Underwater Photoshoot costumes in my collection ;p

5. Little Princess embroided towel from Aussino. My 19th birthday present from girlfriends Assya & Jiju.

6. Latino/Salsa CD around but forgot to play it

7. And of course my best friend cum hubby and 2 lovely & supportive sisters around, to share this special event. The thought of my son is just a shout away also makes me very happy 🙂

Before getting into the pool

Didn’t get into the pool until the surges (hypnobirthing word for contraction) were very close. Time – 2pm. Another reason because it took some time for my ‘team’ to fill it up with warm water. They had to take turns to wipe my precious floor board too coz hubby forgot to tampal the tiny hole, but we just laughed it out as there was not much we could do at that time. So there was consoling process by hubby while the other hand would be mopping the floor! It was really funny towards the end as Kuna had to put a chair against the pool because the water was filling up and the lembik side of the pool could not sustain the water. So she was reaching out to put ice pack on my lower back while sitting on the chair. Ezu was doubling up as assistant to hubby and Kuna when they had to stop and catch their breath. She managed to feed me with energy drink and read my Hypnobirthing book in between to understand better what situation her whacky sister was getting herself into. It was quite a marathon for everybody in the room while sharing some laughter and waiting eagerly for the little princess to make her grand entrance.

Kuna with my pain reliefs

Pop! I felt my waterbag burst. I laughed as it was my 1sttime too and thought I was high with natural endorphin. In this picture, taken from not so obscene angle, shows my main position – on knees most of the time. It was very comfortable as we have padded underneath the pool with my son’s ‘numerical foam’ thingy. Kuna was busy juggling between putting the hot bottle on my upper-back and ice-pack on my lower back. That was a good distraction and big relief too.

Vroom-vroom or bloop-bloop?

Time : 3.30pm. I think I was updating/describing how I was feeling to my fellow ‘team mates’ in a loud manner from time-to-time towards the end. Not so pretty nor funny anymore. Luckily Aufa was distracted by his Disney Pixar movies which were on at a slightly higher than normal decibels as well. Finally, I delivered in ‘Leaping Frog’ position, which my hubby kept on asking me to change over&over&over&over again from my ‘on-knees’ position so that he can receive the baby better. Time : 4.15pm.

Ice pack on my back

Alhamdulillah and AllahuAkhbar! Baby beautifully swam out from Mama’s tummy into Abang’s swimming pool and lovingly received by her strong Babah’s arms. Ayfaa immediately had her 1st yum-yum. She was suckling like a pro and I could not stop smiling since (except for during the next incoming surges). I was amazed looking at the cord too. After that I climbed out of the pool and sat on the bed to continue feeding my beautiful princess, Ayfaa.


Big brother Aufa was immediately called into the room to welcome his new baby sister. He was very delighted. Our 1st family of 4 picture. I should have listened to most of the experience home-birthed mothers who wrote/advise to have LOADS of towels on stand-by. I DIDN’T listen and didn’t cover the mattress enough with the pad, yikes! You can imagine the mess. Lesson learnt and THAT was not so pretty part. Not long after, the door was opened for everyone to welcome Puteri Ayfaa Eizdihar and check out the bloody ‘crime scene’. I could instantly feel the warm love filling up the air. It was indeed the coolest marathon I’ve ever participated.

You think this is the end? Find out in my next entry on the drama in the hospital.

8 Responses to “The birth of Puteri Ayfaa Eizdihar”

  1. Rin Ahmad January 24, 2012 at 3:46 pm #

    I did use all the precious information here as my happy ending plot.
    How was ur traffic recently? I put direct link to ur blog as I promised. readers were like WOWW!!!
    They thought I was inspired by Dr Halina but I don’t even knw who is she b4.
    I was inspired fr Private Practice & bump into ur blog & Nadine’s.
    The timing was perfect.
    Do read and sorry in advance if it doesn’t really picture ur true xperienced bcos
    I’ve to translate into plot.


    • kureen January 26, 2012 at 6:41 pm #

      Hi Rin,
      Yes I did check out your e-novel last week. Sorry, have been busy. I personally think that your e-novel is so sweet. No need to picture my true experience coz they are quite a few who did home water birth for their 1st child. Yes, there has been quite consistent traffic from your readers, thank you very much. Keep on writing and good luck on your new e-novel!

      • Ikram Omar July 3, 2012 at 7:58 am #

        Kur kur! mad respect. i sprained ankle main basketball pun mengeluh macam patah tulang.. :O

      • kureen July 3, 2012 at 10:44 pm #

        Heyya Ikram, how are you doing man? I was just ‘high’ kot sebab tu tak rasa sakit sangat…hehehe


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