My Experience with Cloth Diapers

7 Oct

Aufa with Yashica

My son Aufa is turning 3 years old this month and just graduated from potty training. Spending time with him, watching his antics and listening to him sometimes make me feel like watching Bill Cosby’s ‘Kids Say The Darnest Thing’ on TV. Last 2 weeks he declared “I like shee-shee in the toilet” and reminded me again yesterday. He is so happy to be doing ‘it’ in the toilet and that makes him more like a Big Boy and a Big Brother to his newly born sister, Ayfaa. I’m feeling proud and happy too as he is out-growing his cloth diapers especially which he has been using since birth.

Aufa's training pants

During his potty training, I got him 5 pairs of training pants. 2 pairs of Thomas Train print and another 3 pairs just plain white from Mothercare. I thought the Thomas Train print would motivate  him but he prefers the plain white. Of course the prize for graduating from potty training is Finn McMissile. He was so determined to graduate really fast. At night he would still be in his cloth diaper, just to be safe as he is still sleeping with us and when we are on the go, he would be in pull-up diapers. So far it has been all dry and sometimes I feel guilty towards Mother Nature.

Aufa's Cloth Diaper collection

Some thoughts on cloth diapers after 3 years of using them. For the basics on cloth diapers, you may get it on websites selling them. There are so many brands out there. Some are imported and of late, there are quite a number of locally made which are as good. As for me, I bought mine from a few stores including Tiny Tapir, Lil Danzell and Sentuhan Bayu. Tried a local made CD but did not quite like the cutting on my kid. Then I just stick to the imported ones like Blueberry Minky, Happy Heinys and BumGenius brand. As you can see in the picture, I find that the All-In-One with Velcro snap is my favourite. It means that you can adjust the size from Small to Extra Large using the front tabs. In a set, they will give you 1 big insert and 1 small insert. I use the small insert on its own first until about 6 months old. Then I changed to big insert until Aufa turned 1 year old. After he started on formula milk, water and other solid food, it would be best to have both inserts at the same time to contain wastes. However, I would say that the One Size diaper type, like the one I have in Rugrats print in the picture would be a better option for our little bubs until they are about 6 months. I personally find that the One Size diaper has better design and does not appear too bulky on their tiny cute bum compared to AIO type. Another thing you might want to consider is the type of fastener. The snap type is OK if your baby can sit still and you have the patience to adjust the size. I prefer the Velcro type as the size is versatile and I only had 2 seconds to secure the diaper after his wash before he gets fidgety and runs off.

Ayfaa's Cloth Diaper collection

Something you might want to look out for is the type of inserts. I assumed that all, especially the expensive and imported ones I bought includes COTTON inserts but no, some gives polyester type, which can be a bit uncomfortable for our babies’ bum if they get sweaty easily. However, I find that the polyester type is slightly easier to clean especially the solid waste compared to cotton type insert.

Next, I don’t care what most CD websites claim but I find it easier or rather practical to use disposal diapers if you are going out for a long time and when they go to sleep. Avoid all those mess. Not so much on leakage part but more onto when you have to bring back those CDs home for a wash. Worse if you forget to take them out for a wash when you get home. I’m speaking thru experience.

Cloth diaper with small inserts

The care for CD is not as simple as they made it sound in those websites too. This one goes to mums who do cleaning themselves and do not have the luxury of a helper to do it for you. After disposing the solid waste and flush it down in the toilet, it will be best for you to soak the CD in soapy water for couple of hours. Then, please make sure that it is clean by brushing the stain off before you throw the CDs into the washing machine. You would also want to dry the CDs especially the inserts directly under the sun to kill all the remaining germs and ensuring that they are really dry and not damp. Damp inserts made of cotton especially will invite hygienic and skin problems to your baby’s bum.

Trimmer One Size CD with cotton inserts

As for conclusion, ask yourself first on why you would want to consider using cloth diapers on your babies. For me, it will definitely be for the sake of Mother Nature. They are so much other things I’m doing without realizing or not that are not so kind to Mother Nature. The least I could do is to reduce my non-biodegradable waste by using cloth diapers, cloth pads and biodegradable cleaning agents. I will talk more on cloth pads and biodegradable cleaning agents in my future posts. For all this lifestyle change, I’m sometimes known as a modern hippie by my friends and family but I’m pretty sure this soon will be a norm. What do you think?


2 Responses to “My Experience with Cloth Diapers”

  1. kureen October 9, 2011 at 9:00 pm #

    Thanks for your feedback eliminationcommunication. Definitely motivate me to use the CD more often on my 2nd baby now. I shall follow your tips on the maintenance of CD 🙂

  2. eliminationcommunication October 8, 2011 at 10:03 am #

    It’s funny how many different experiences people have with the same products! Aren’t those the cutest little monkeys? Actually, posts like yours help me decide to go old fashioned and simple! 🙂

    I did EC so didn’t use CD long (only for 9m then right to trainers). But I did use prefolds and covers and found them very easy for travel. I just brought along a wet bag. Easy wash and quick dry. I had no staining trouble at all and I cold washed only with hot wash once or twice a month for maintenance. Water type has a lot to do with it though…the harder the water the more difficulties there are with laundry in general.

    I don’t know if a lot of people remember, but it used to be that you would (at least in the US) put the disposable in a bag and bring them home to dispose — of especially if you were outside or over someone’s house! Now no one seems to care. Ewww…and disposable users don’t flush always flush the solids…ewwww….solid eating baby and toddler poop in trash…eeek!.

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