Birthday Picnic

2 Oct

Love the party hat and birthday cake

I celebrated my elder sister, Kuna’s birthday recently at Putrajaya Botanical Garden. It was better than I expected. We have always been celebrating birthdays at restaurant since it is always more convenient. You have to understand with a climate like Malaysia, not many are keen to have picnics in the park during the day if it is not by the beach. The last time I had my picnic was at night watching starlight cinema. My friend Eddy would bring all the delicious food in his coolbox. Every body else was in such happy mood with their picnic basket, picnic blanket and even beautiful lanterns.

The party

What is Malaysian picnic without Nasi Lemak bungkus

What I like most about this picnic spot in Putrajaya Botanical Garden is the spacious even ground by the lake. Not too hard, not too soft….just right. If you have picnic in other places before, you’d appreciate this.  They’ve got a few coconut trees and can be shady for 10 – 11 o’clock morning sun. Beyond that, you can just salvage under nice gazebo equipped with electric fan, a steel table and 4 steel chairs which is just a few steps away. Perfect time to start your picnic will be 8am. Do enjoy the morning breeze. What is better, the park is still well-maintained and clean since the last time I visited there for work in 2004.

Ayfaa not to be eaten please

Besides just lazing around and enjoying you food by the lake, you can also bring or rent bicycle here. We even brought our ‘sure-fly’ kite and Frisbee to play here. The kids enjoyed feeding the fish. They even allow you to bring your car in to drop-off your picnic stuff before parking them at the carpark. I would advise that you park your car nearest to the Seafood Restaurant entrance as it is the shortest walk to the picnic ground. There is no parking charges and no peddlers. Peace.

Ooops, where is the kite?

Some of the things you may want to consider bringing for a simple picnic:

  1. Garbage bag (please help to keep it clean. Bring back nothing back except memories and leave nothing except for your footprints)
  2. Kitchen towels
  3. Packet drinks
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Plastic mat underneath to place your picnic blanket on top. I’ve got the thick cotton picnic blankets from IKEA.
  6. Paper plates and plastic utensils
  7. Finger food. Non- messy or soupy food.

Any other picnic suggestions?


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